The Profit Path is a 6 step online program which will fundamentally change your approach to running your business - embedding PROFIT into your everyday business activities. The Bloody Brilliant Business Club will hold your hand and take you on a path to consistent profit.

Foundations #1 - What do you want?

What do you want from your business?

Set your Vision, define your Goals and put an action PLAN together. Work out how much PROFIT you need to generate to FUND your dreams.
Yes, I want more from my business!

Foundations #2 - PROFIT PATH Rocket Pack

Fast track to profit!

Start implementing PROFIT making changes today! You are the most important employee in your business, so start putting your PROFIT first.
Yes, I need more PROFIT now!

Foundations #3 Bloody Brilliant Business Bookkeeping

Get the basics right!

Learn what goes where, when, why and how in your accounts so you can find your PROFIT! Measure what goes in and out, then manage what you measure! Up to date and accurate accounts are critical to be able to report and manage your PROFIT. Your PROFIT PATH starts here!
YES! I want to get control of my business books!

FOUNDATIONS #4 - Know Your Numbers

Where is the PROFIT in your business?

Understand what makes PROFIT, what works and what doesn't. Identify which products, services or clients generate profit. Learn how to maximise profit and minimise tax (legally of course!). Let's put more of your hard earned PROFIT in YOUR pocket!
Yes! I need to master my accounts!

Step 1) Instant Profit

10 (or more) Steps to Instant Profit

10 (or more!) steps to find an extra £100 per month of PROFIT in your business. 10 x £100 instant profit = £1,000 per month or £12,000 per year. These are quick-win, instant-action, instant-impact PROFIT generating tips that can be applied to almost every business. These alone will more than cover your investment in The Club!
Yes! I want some instant PROFIT!

Step 2) Profit Leaks

Find and fix those PROFIT Leaks

Almost every business leaks PROFIT somewhere. Follow our 5 step program to find and fix the PROFIT leaks in your business and put more cash in your pocket.
Yes! I need to fix those leaks!

Step 3) Lean systems and processes

Do more with less

Starting with your accounting systems - implement lean systems and processes so you can manage your finances where ever you are in the world. Implement smart money management tools to do more with less effort.
Yes! I am ready to start automating!

STEP 4) Boost Your Cashflow

Consistent, persistent and polite reminders are the key to effective credit control

Get more cash in faster, charge late payment interest (more PROFIT) and minimise bad debts (lost PROFIT) with effective credit control strategies and smart , time-saving cloud-based tools.
Yes, I need to get cash in faster!

STEP 5) Achieve Profitable Growth

Recognise vanity sales and phase out loss-making products. Develop new products or services that generate more PROFIT with less of your time and effort.
Yes I want to grow my profit!

STEP 6) More cash in your pocket

Get paid what you are worth!

Finally - let's look at the most tax efficient ways of extracting PROFIT from your business to ensure that YOU are paid what YOU are worth and you can live the life of your dreams!

6 ways we will help you

The Bloody Brilliant Business Club is an online membership club. Our mission is to help you find more PROFIT in your business.

  • 1) Private Facebook Group

    Join the Bloody Brilliant Business Bookkeeping Group on Facebook where we regularly pop up to chat and answer questions.

  • 2) 10:10 Lives

    We aim to go Live every day at 10am, for approximately 10 minutes. We will introduce the topic of the day and answer any questions that may have been asked live in the group.

  • 3) Profit Path Bundles

    Jump into THE CLUB and watch your lesson. 14 business bundles to start, with new ones added monthly as you progress through your PROFIT PATH.

  • 4) Online Resouces

    24/7 access to our business bundles, workbooks and checksheets - learn when, where and at a pace that suits you.

  • 5) Company Membership

    One subscription per business, so you can invite ALL your accounting staff

  • 6) Ask A Question

    Ask a question, request an article to help shape the content relevant to your business


  • I can't afford it, should I invest anyway?

    Absolutely!!! The Bloody Brilliant Business Club is 100% focussed on making PROFIT. If you follow the PROFIT PATH and take ACTION, you will make more PROFIT and this program will pay for itself. If you don't take action - nothing will change.

  • Will I be overwhelmed?

    No!! Now, it's super important that you don't get overwhelmed or left behind so we will deliver the programme in daily bite-sized actionable sessions. We also know that you still have your day job to do and you still need to run your business so we are deliberately drip feeding content and actions so we can take a small step forward every day.

  • What is the 10:10 Daily? What if I can't make it?

    We will be live in the Bloody Brilliant Business Bookkeeping Facebook Group (click on the COMMUNITY link above to join the Group) at 10AM everyday, well most days!! We'll be here for 10 minutes (ish) at 10 am every day to chat through the day's lesson, the learning objectives and answer any questions that you may have Live in the group. If you miss the lesson, you can catch up later.

  • How much time do I need to commit to making PROFIT each day?

    The time commitment to learning how to make a PROFIT should be about 30-40 minutes a day or 2.5 to 3 hours a week for each module. You may need to find more time if you want to implement PROFIT making changes in your business.

  • Can I work on my PROFIT PATH daily?

    Once we have had our daily live session, grab a coffee and log into the Bloody Brilliant Business Club and work through today's lesson and Workbook. Each daily lesson and workbook should take no more than 15-20 minutes to complete - again, we are super mindful that we want to take small daily steps towards our Profit Path Goal - but we all still have businesses to run!

  • Can I work on my PROFIT PATH weekly?

    Yes!! If like me - you like to binge study and you prefer to do your training in a longer block once a week - then that's great!! Book out a 3-hour slot in your diary for Business Development PROFIT PATH - choose the same time every week if you can so it becomes a habit. Working on your business is just as important as working in it, but so often gets overlooked. My favourite time is the early hours of the day - 5am to 8am before anyone gets up and before the phone starts ringing! That's my time to work on my business.

  • What if LIFE gets in the way and I get left behind?

    Don't worry!! The Facebook Live videos will still be available in the group for you to watch whenever you have time. The Bundles in the Bloody Brilliant Business club will be available for you to work through when ever you have time.

Find us in the Community!

We will still be there in the Facebook Group to answer your questions. Join us today!

Profit Path Online

Monthly Membership

Join the Bloody Brilliant Business Club TODAY. Our online programme will hold your hand and take you on the path to consistent PROFIT.
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